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Vegan Pizza

Cheese is typically the hardest thing to give up when going vegan, and pizza is an iconic dish that incorporates cheese. So, here are many ways to enjoy eating pizza […]

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Banana Nicecream

Homemade banana nicecream is a great alternative to dairy ice cream, and even a healthier alternative to vegan ice cream! Feel free to get creative with toppings šŸ™‚ All you […]

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7 Smoothie Recipes

Iā€™m always looking for new vegan smoothie recipes, so I thought Iā€™d share some of my favorites with you. All you do is put it all in the blender and […]

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Processed Foods

There has been an increasing popularity of veganism so I thought it would be crucial to address the misconceptionĀ that being vegan automatically means weĀ are making the Earth,Ā ourselves, and healthier. Now, […]