About Our Shop

All the money we make in our shop goes directly to animals and the planet. We use the money to save for our sanctuary, fund new ideas to get people to think more about veganism and environmentalism (i.e advertisements, literature, bulletins, posters, etc.)

All of our printable items are free to print and you can do so as many times as you please. If you do download and print, we would appreciate if you would consider leaving a donation- but this is not required.

If you download and print our literature, you are agreeing to

• Only use for vegan educational purposes.

Not modify any content on any page of ANY literary item. They are copyrighted. If there’s a mistake please tell us so on our contact page.

Need another language? Contact us! We can probably help you out.


Why Go Vegan? / Protein Cards

“Where do you get your protein?” If you’re as tired of this question as we are, or it’s easier for you to keep a list on hand- we’ve got you covered! We even put a few reasons to go vegan on the back. Because we got them professionally printed, donation of $1 will get you five cards. But if you need them right away and don’t have the cash, contact us, we probably will be able to work something out. While we really do need the money, we’re always looking to help!

Cruelty Free on Halloween Cards

“A ‘Personal Choice’?” Leaflets



Personal choice 8.5 x 11 letter size .pdf file



Animal Rights #1 .pdf file

Environmental #1




*coming soon

Stickers / Shirts / Other merchandise

*coming soon

How To Order (For future merchandise)

Please send the money to us first, and enter your unique transaction ID in the form below. Please make sure you specify what your money is for, otherwise your donation will be taken as a general donation (which is also very appreciated)

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