wpid-img_20151001_135213.jpgWe’re always looking for more caring and passion driven people like ourselves to help us win the fight for animal and environmental rights! If you want to write for Mad Rabbits, you can apply to be an editor, author, moderator or a translator if you know two or more languages.

Working with Mad Rabbits is a good way to give yourself another platform to talk about the animal and environmental rights issues that matter to you. You can also share recipes, art, pictures, and more on our website while connecting with other passionate and hard working activists that are passionate about the same issues.


  • Absolutely must be a vegan, because animal rights is very important to us. We don’t see an exception being made here but if you think there should be, tell us in your application please!
  • Believe in equal rights. Mad Rabbits is a community free of racism, transphobia, homophobia, misogyny, islamphobia, ect. (we believe in all animal rights).
  • Willing to volunteer, I.e not be paid (we’re a tiny animal rights group right now, the money it takes to run a website comes out of our own pockets or from donations).

If this describes you, let’s take a lot at some of the position opportunities so we can figure out what would best suit you!


Responsibilities: To create consistent original content. This content can be recipes, think pieces, informative articles, news, or really anything that can be used to help the animal right’s movement.

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Responsibilities: To proofread as well as edit articles and pages on Mad Rabbits to ensure information is coming across in a manner that is grammatically correct and easy to understand. You would also be the first one called if any content on the site crashes. (This mainly means if any links or pictures on the site break you or a moderator would be the one to fix it if the original author is currently unavailable.)

Up your alley? Let’s get to it!

Social media manager *

Responsibilities: To manage Mad Rabbits social media accounts. This includes replying to questions, getting the word out, and sharing information through these accounts. We currently need social media managers for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest.

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Responsibilities: To translate English articles into another language and/or proofread the translated articles. You don’t need to create any original content for Mad Rabbits, just translate pre-existing articles to English (and other languages as our community grows.) If we aren’t currently working on the language(s) you are fluent in, you may be the reason we start!

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Languages so far

Spanish: Madrabbits-es.org

If you don’t want to be a regular writer or translator for our website but you want to make one or a few posts now and then, you can submit that/those article(s) here!

* At Mad Rabbits, your content belongs to you. If you have an article that you no longer want up, you have every right to request that it be taken down at any time for any reason. At the same time, Mad Rabbits reserves the right to take down or decline posting any article for any reason at any time. Thank you.