wpid-wild-turkey-583190_1280.jpgAnimals Rights

Every second 3,000 animals are killed just for food alone- and they’re killed in the most brutal and cruel ways possible. They’re debeaked, de-toed beaten, starved, kept in spaces so small they can’t turn around and so dark they can’t see. The industry takes them away from their families, or kills them before their very eyes traumatizing and depressing them for life. All other non vegan industries are cruel in similar or worse ways- zoos, animal circuses, fur farms, puppy mills ect. Going Vegan will mean you will save more than 300 animals per year that simply do not have to die, because animal products are not a necessary part of the human diet and animals in entertainment are a completely unnecessary cruelty.



As well as hurting the planet and animals- meat, dairy and egg products take a huge toll on our bodies. Heart disease, cancer, diabetes. Some of the top causes of death. All diseases vegans are proven to have a much lower instance of! By choosing to get the nutrients your body needs from animals instead of plant based foods, you are filtering them through a lot of harmful stuff your body doesn’t need! You can get every nutrient vitamin and mineral from plants, and enjoy a lesser chance of many diseases a long with a longer lifespan while you do it.

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Animal agriculture causes inexcusable amounts of environmental damage. According to the United Nations, animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate change, and worldwide species extinction. Just by eating meat and dairy products you increase your carbon footprint by 51% (from 6.5 pounds of co2 daily (vegan) to 16.5 (meat lover)). One pound of meat costs around 600 gallons of water and the co2 equivalent of 33 miles in a Volkswagen- while one gallon of milk is 1,000 gallons of whatever and 17.6 pounds of co2. The methane that the billions of animals the animal agriculture industry breeds for human consumption is even worse for the environment, it even takes 11x the fossil fuels to sustain a meat eating diet than a Vegan one. Just by being Vegan you save 1,100 gallons of water, 45 pounds of grain, 20 pounds co2 equivalent, and 300 sq feet of forest land every day. Because of animal agriculture’s large part in deforestation and therefore death of many wild animals, the consumption of every chicken will kill an Amazonian parrot- every steak, a Madagascan lemur.


wpid-hands-413762_1280-1.jpgSocial Justice

Perhaps one of the most overlooked issues of animal agriculture is that it hurts humans. Most of the slaughterhouse workers are poor people of colour that have no other choice but to work in such filthy, dangerous, toxic, and mentally tolling conditions. As a result, they are more likely to be mentally ill and be perpetrators of domestic abuse. These people have no other choice and as a result have more instances of PTSD, cancer and early death due to dangerous tools and harsh chemicals.

Looking past this, the death toll in Pakistan and other eastern countries continues to rise as climate change fueled heat waves progressively get worse and worse, 60% of Africans now fear climate change more than any other issue including terrorism. The World Health Organization estimates more than 250,000 lives are claimed each year due to climate change and number is rising. When it comes to climate change, women are affected even more so than men.

Yet, the meat industry still finds more ways to hurt people of colour. It is responsible for destroying 91% of amazon deforestation, unfortunately in addition to this meaning the cost of many animal lives- it also means the death and homelessness of many Indigenous tribes.



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