Many people think that only the meat industry is cruel. That killing only happens for meat. Which leads to a lot of people to go vegetarian.

I can’t blame them. I did the same thing. I was so uninformed about the egg industry. And it’s okay if you are, too. They spend millions of dollars every year to cover their tracks and spread misinformation. They aren’t even legally allowed to say that eggs are healthy when advertising them.

When I used to think about eggs, I pictured happy chickens roaming around. I think a lot of people imagine the same thing. But it’s the farthest thing from what actually happens.

In factory-farm type egg farms, hens are shoved into cages that they cannot even move in, typically with 3 or more hens. They live their lives in absolute filth and horror.

But what about cage-free eggs though? The hens must be happy and roam around, right? No. It’s the farthest thing from it. Hens are pretty much in the same situation, except they aren’t caged. They put so many hens in one space that they eat each other, break each other’s limbs, and peck holes in each other. It is such a myth that cage-free means happy, healthy hens. Even in organic farms, this happens.

In addition to the suffering that female chickens go through, all farms practice one of the most despicable things, ever.

Only female chickens can lay eggs, so there is no use for male chicks. What do they do with them, then?

When the males are separated from the females, they are either

  1. Thrown into a grinder and ground to death
  2. Slowly suffocated to death

It is one of the most disgusting acts I have ever heard of. Every day, I am reminded by how much cruelty is happening in the world.

What soothes my aching heart is the knowledge that I do not fund any of it, and I use my power to speak out against it. We have to educate ourselves about the truth.

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