I, myself, am not a medical doctor or dietician. I have no medical recognition or training, but the information that I am sharing comes from people who do.

Growing up in a society that projects skinny girls as the only type of beautiful is troubling. The magazines and the media feed you diets and cleanses as a way to ‘Get That Perfect Bikini Body’. They also teach you that ‘Carbs Are The Enemy’.

When I decided I wanted to go vegan, I was unsure about what to eat. I went from attempts to cut out as many carbs as I could, to unlearning it all. One of the most informative, helpful books I have read is called The Starch Solution. It was written by John A. McDougall, MD. When I first went vegan, this book was a lifesaver. It covers nutrients, why animal products are toxic, and has lots of recipes.

The McDougall diet, is a high-carb, low-fat, starch based lifestyle. I think that everybody should listen to their own body and make decisions based off of it, and his diet is an option.

As a vegan, regardless of what you’re eating, carbs are very prevalent in the lifestyle. Its unavoidable. Which is why you should do your research, and decide what type of vegan diet you’re going to follow. Choose the one that works for YOU. Eat whatever you want to! As long as it’s cruelty free and includes vital nutrients, its all your decision.

I learned to stop calorie restricting, to eat as much as I want, and to love healthy foods by going vegan. Not only do you save animals, the earth, and other people; you stop eating toxic foods.

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