We live in a society that conditions us to  believe that we need meat and animal products.


Going vegan isn’t always easy. I grew up in a single parent and low income household with anemia. In addition, I am allergic to nuts and soy. So I more than quite a bit of people know that cutting out animal products doesn’t have the same level of difficulty for everyone. But can’t go vegan? I don’t know. You can decide for yourself! I will keep working on this list as more people come to me with different situations they think they can’t go vegan in, in hopes of helping them.

I can’t go vegan because…

I’m anemic

I live in a low income household

I’m allergic to nuts and soy

I have Celiacs disease

I have Gastroparesis

I have to eat a low fiber diet

It would be hard to maintain my cultural identity

I am underweight

I am diabetic (external link)

I have an eating disorder (external link)

I have Hypoglycemia (external link)

I have an autoimmune disease (external link)

I have IBS (external link & P.S Freelee The Banana Girl had/has IBS!)

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