Meat-based protein has been proven to cause heart disease, cancer, high cholesterol and a copious amount of other problems resulting from all of the GMOs and added hormones. Basically, meat isn’t good for you. Besides, why would you consume something that’s slowly killing you just to make ‘gains’ when plant-based options are higher in protein and don’t cause health problems later on?

Beef is only 25.8% protein, chicken is only 23% protein and eggs are only 12% protein. Plus, they can cause heart disease, cancer and of course high cholesterol as previously mentioned. Other healthy, plant-based option like spinach (49% protein), kale (45% protein), broccoli (45% protein), cauliflower (40% protein), and of course many other options are easy to incorporate into meals whether you add them into a smoothie or sauté them up with some coconut oil! Vegetables, of course, aren’t the only source of plant-based protein.

1 cup of tempeh has 30 grams of protein! That’s more than a normal, 3 oz., serving of chicken. You can use tempeh as an alternative for meat in any dish you desire. Sweet and sour chicken? Even better: sweet and sour tempeh. You can make tempeh tacos, sandwich, fajitas and anything else your low cholesterol heart desires!

One of the most highly praised or eaten source of protein that vegans it is, of course, beans. Beans, like tempeh, can be a healthy alternative for almost all meat dishes. 1 cup of black beans has 15 grams of amazingly tasting plant based protein. Even higher in protein than black beans are lentils. For every cup of lentils you eat you’re consuming 18 grams of protein. Try out some lentil soup to meet your protein needs!

There are also multiple vegan protein powders, if you’re really looking to make some gains in the gym. Some of the most popular brands include: Vega, Sun Warrior Protein, MRM Veggie Protein, Raw Fusion and of course many more. You can add these to your smoothies or even just add it to some water or your choice of non-dairy milk and shake! If you think you’re lacking protein or want some extra protein you can add a scoop of protein powder into your day!

Animal protein are high in components that contribute  to cardiovascular disease, such as saturated fat and cholesterol. Even lean sources of protein are still packed with added hormones and antibiotics. Parasites, bacteria and carcinogens have all been found in meat. As long as you remember to wash your fruits and veggies, you’ll be safe!

In conclusion, plant-based protein is plentiful and much better for you than meat. Of course, protein isn’t everything! If you’re looking to gain muscle then you should definitely eat plenty of protein. Although, as long as you’re getting enough carbs, you’ll be perfectly fine for everyday life! Have fun making those gains or carbing it up, and the next time someone asks you ‘where do you get your protein?’, you can just show them this article!

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