Our favorite holiday has rolled around once again! But earth day should be every day, right? Right! So here are some tips to treating the earth like a home every day of the year:

Tip #1 Go Vegan

Going vegan is the most important thing you can do for the planet.

You’ll save water-


You’ll use less CO2-

& save the forest-


In fact: you’ll be saving everything!

Every day one vegan saves:

1,100 gallons of water
300 sq feet of forest
45 lbs of grain
20 lbs of CO2

& 1 animals life

Based on these facts based on cowspiracy & generated on vegan calculator, here are my stats as a vegan of 3 years and five months (not counting my time as a vegetarian)


More than people would probably think! You can check out more facts about how animal agriculture affects the environment here!

Tip #2 Save The Bees


Did you know that bee’s pollinate around 60% of our produce and 90% of wild plants? They are super important to the planet! And not just honeybees either, there are hundreds of other species of bees that are better pollinators than them!

Many people think that buying honey helps bees. That’s not true! Many beekeepers and honey companies abuse and factory farm bees! There are a few other ways to help them though. One of which being to spoon feed tired bees you find on the ground sugar water, and other being to build your very own bee hotels in your backyard!


If you want the taste of honey, there’s always Bee Free Honee!

Tip #3 Get Rid of Plastic


• Carry reusable shopping bags
• Give up plastic water bottles
• Use fabric produce bags
• Limit foods packaged or bottled in plastic, ect!
• Limit disposable items!

It’s a gradual process, check out one green planets article on platic free living!

Tip #3 Buy Local


All that gasoline transporting your food and clothes is really taxing. If you can afford it, buy local! You don’t have to worry about CO2 from transportation and local usually means fair trade as well!

Tip #4 Pick Up Litter


Not only should we not litter, it would be a good idea to pick up what’s already there. From picking up stray cigarettes to planning Beach cleaning days- the earth will be thankful!

Tip #5 Frequently improve your lifestyle


Environmentalism is a journey. None of us can be 100% eco friendly at first! Make it your goal to always keep improving and reducing your impact on the planet! Use less water, plant more flowers, it’s all something and it all helps. Keep reading for more ways to help our planet!

Happy earth day!

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