Firstly, many vegans suffer from an array of mental illnesses. In addition, many of them have noticed significant benefits to switching to a plant-based diet. Vegans all around the world are praising the impact a plant-based diet has on their mental health, so why aren’t you turning to a vegan diet?
Depression can cause fatigue, worsened social functioning, worsened emotional well-being. It can take a toll on a persons general health, physical functioning and mental functioning. Although, it has been scientifically proven that an improvement on health can improve a persons overall quality of life.
Depression is related to inflammation in the body and low levels of serotonin. A person is able to naturally lower the inflammation of the body by eating a plant-based diet. Plant based foods reduce the amount of inflammation since they are naturally lower in fat and high in antioxidants. Increasing the amount of B vitamins in the diet which are found in vegetables has been proven to affect the mood of individuals in a positive way.
Eating a plant-based diet allows you to eat more whole, nutrient rich foods. Your physical health is directly linked to mental health. What are you waiting for? Eat a plant-based diet to boost your mood, energy and productivity.
Some foods that have been proven to increases happiness levels of individuals:
– Legumes
– Spinach
– Quinoa
– Tomatoes
– Apples
– Walnuts
– Berries
– Oranges
Indulge in all of these yummy vegan foods to boost your mood!
Veganism has helped countless people recover from eating disorders, including myself. By sticking to a vegan diet you’re able to know that what you’re eating is nutritious and benefitting your body. It allows many people suffering from eating disorders to eat more knowing that what they’re putting into they’re body is very good for them. Veganism allows people suffering from eating disorders to transfer away from a diet and into a lifestyle that benefits not only their health, but animals and the environment too!
Switching between medications to try and find the one that suits your body best can be a long, and exhausting process. You are never able to predict how your body will react. Some medications, such as various anti-depressants, worsen physical health which leads to a worsened mental health. There’s an easy solution to this possible endless quest for the “perfect” pill: veganism. As explained earlier, plant-based foods help cope with mental illness. And sometimes, animal products can cause mental illnesses.
Arachidonic acid is found in particularly high levels in chicken in eggs. This acid can result in an increased amount of depression, anxiety, stress and mood disturbance. These symptoms are significantly lower than those who eat a vegan diet.
Chickens that are a product of the poultry industry have been subjected to mass amounts of genetic manipulation. Thus, having been linked to a variety of neurological and psychiatric conditions.
Toxoplasma brain parasites are found in meat as well. These have been linked to causing schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder.
By switching to a nutritious vegan diet, it can improve the mental health of individuals as well as prevents mental illnesses completely! Although, all experiences are different. Even if your mental health doesn’t improve from a vegan diet, your physical health will still improve. Veganism has more benefits than just improving the mental health of people!
Tips on going vegan with a mental illness:
– Only buy or order vegan foods to prevent yourself from eating animal products during a relapse/breakdown
– Pre-make large amounts of vegan meals to eat when you’re unable to cook your own meals
– Keep vegan snacks in places that you spend a lot of time for easy access! (Your room, friend’s house, work, etc.)
– Stock up on a list of quick vegan recipes. You can find some right here on Mad Rabbits!
Remember, as long as you try your best to stick to a vegan diet that’s all the vegan community can ask for. Your best is the best. It’s better to try and have a few hiccups than to not try at all.

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