Of all the unnecessary and sneaky uses of animal products, this is one of the worst offenders.

Orange juice…really? And there was a reason I said vegetarian and not vegan. It isn’t even a byproduct that’s the problem here. It’s straight up meat! ‘What meat could possibly be used to make orange juice?’ you might be asking yourself.

Well, #1, Fish!


That’s right, pretty disgusting. Some orange juice contains fish oil disguised as ‘Omega-3’ from sardines, anchovies, and even tilapia. I think I’d much rather get my Omegas from flax and chia seeds, and if you feel the same I’d probably skip the ‘Heart Healthy’ Tropicana. If your juice has that or Vitamin d3, you’re getting more than oranges.

#2 Lanolin

This is another one of those extra sneaky ingredients most people don’t know aren’t vegan.

What is lanolin?

Well the definition is this: “A fatty substance found naturally on sheep’s wool. It is extracted as a yellowish viscous mixture of esters and used as a base for ointments.

So basicslly- sheep sweat? They are putting sheep sweat in our orange juice.


No thanks.

#3 Gelatin

See, when most people think of Gelatin- they just think of Jell-O. Jell-O is made out of gelatin; which is made out of animal bone and cartilage.


I think I’ll pass.

Again, these are just things that could be in your orange juice. Some orange juices are vegan, but I’m not sure enough about it to suggest any. You can just read the ingredients, but I’ve heard that like some wines- most juices are filtered through fish gut. That could be wrong, but I’m not willing to chance it. So what’s a juice loving vegan to do? I don’t know, I think I’ll just get a juicer and make it!


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