After a successful petition proposing  that Ben and Jerry’s introduce an ice cream with non-dairy milk, the company heard the call-dairy free ice cream is not only more ethical and sustainable than dairy milk, but it’s also as delicious as it’s lactose laden counterpart. After months of anticipation and wondering what flavors would be created, the company released the names of the four non-dairy ice creams that will slowly be rolling out to stores.

CHUNKY MONKEY : Banana almond milk ice cream with chunks of fudge and walnuts

CHOCOLATE FUDGE BRONWIE : Chocolate almond milk ice cream mixed with fudge brownies

COFFEE CARAMEL FUDGE : Coffee almond milk ice cream with caramel swirl and fudge chunks

PB & COOKIES : Vanilla almond milk ice cream with chocolate sandwich cookies and crunchy PB swirls. ( This flavor will be available in their ice cream stores )

All four ice creams have been certified as vegan by Vegan Action (You may see Vegan Action’s “Certified Vegan ” logo on many vegan products).

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