Carnism is the opposite of veganism – it’s eating meat and eating animal products. It’s awful for the animals, awful for the environment, it’s awful for humanity, and it’s just really bad generally (x). Most vegans will, at some point, encounter a carnist who just WON’T STOP challenging their veganism – here are some REALLY IDIOTIC arguments/excuses/questions that quite a lot of anti-vegan carnists use, and why they are so darn awful.

  • ‘Where do you get your protein from?’ Plants. I get my protein from plants.
  • ‘Where do you get your B12 from?’ Plants. I get my B12 from plants. Most of the vegan food I eat actually has added B12.
  • ‘We’re MEANT to eat meat – we have sharp teeth in order to do so!’ Oh, ok, I guess I should ignore the fact that meat is carcinogenic and the fact that my teeth are NOTHING like the teeth of an actual carnivore.
  • ‘Vegans only eat lettuce.’ I tried lettuce once, hated it, and never ate it again. I’ve been vegan for nearly 3 months now.
  • ‘Ok, but I love meat.’ This one is just selfish, and it’s quite possibly the worst argument ever.
  • ‘I only buy meat that’s killed humanely.’ I kill people, but it’s good, because I do it kindly! It’s possible to murder with kindness!
  • ‘I love bacon too much.’ This argument is painfully bad. Like, COME ON.
  • ‘I couldn’t be vegan.’ You probably could, actually. The majority of people who say this have nothing preventing them from becoming vegan.
  • ‘Plants have feelings too!’ Plants don’t have feelings. They aren’t sentient. Animals, on the other hand, are sentient, and are extremely intelligent (and in some cases, they’re more intelligent than us).
  • ‘I knew a vegan who got sick once.’ Being vegan, incredibly, does not prevent you from getting sick. It just lowers the chances of you getting sick, because it’s way better for your body than carnism or vegetarianism.

I could go on forever. One time a girl asked me if vegans can eat potatoes, and then, in the same conversation, told me milk didn’t come from animals. Sigh.


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