Happy New Year! Is this the year you
finally make to transition to veganism? Have you learned that going vegan is super easy and that you’re ready to make the change? If you answered yes to these questions then this is the article for you!

Although coming to this lifestyle was far easier than I ever imagined, I definitely would have benefited from what I know now beforehand so I’ve come up with a list of vegan life hacks that will hopefully give you a head start. You will pick up thousands of hacks along the way but, I’ve narrowed this list down to the top 7 that I’ve found most useful.

1. Coconut oil. This product is going to be your best friend. Coconut oil can be used in place of moisturizers, shaving cream, teeth whitener and it makes an awesome hair mask, leaving your hair incredibly soft and shiny. This saves the trouble of searching for cruelty free items and is a much cheaper alternative – one jar goes a long way!

2.  Carb up! A lot of people come from a background of excessive restriction and complain that they have no energy on a vegan diet. The problem is simply that many people don’t eat enough in fear of gaining weight. We’re constantly told that carbs are bad for us but this isn’t the case. Please don’t be afraid of grains and definitely don’t be afraid of fruit as these are the foods we should eat in abundance.

3. Happy Cow – Need an easy way to find restaurants or café’s with vegan options? Or even better – a complete vegan menu? Happy Cow’s got you covered! You can use their app to find vegan food on the go or look it up on the website beforehand. The app costs £2.99 so the website may be a better option if you’re not up for spending money.

4. Cronometer – Easily track your nutrients to ensure you’re getting enough of what you need. This can be especially helpful if family members are concerned about your health; show them how easy it is to get adequate nutrition.

5. Veganism on social media. Not only is it a good idea to meet like-minded people, it’s also helpful to subscribe to vegan Youtube channels or follow Instagram accounts to get inspiration for new recipes and lifestyle tips. It’s one of the best ways to find out how to make vegan easy and keep going. Maybe even make your own!

6. B12 – A lot of people are worried about B12 when coming to the vegan lifestyle but the truth is most people don’t get a sufficient amount, regardless of diet. We would naturally get B12 through the dirt on natural produce, but due to modern farming methods it’s much harder to obtain this way. Because of this, livestock are injected with B12 shots so the way vegans get the vitamin is not any less natural than meat eaters. If you’re not up for taking a B12 supplement you may want to use fortified foods such as plant milks, cereal or nutritional yeast.

7.  Restaurants. The are plenty of vegan restaurants around but if you’re forced to attend a family meal at a place with no vegan meal options you might assume you’ll be left sipping on orange juice as the night goes by. To make things easier you can create your own meal from sides or ask for the vegetarian option without the Cheese, and don’t worry this is not uncommon.

Good luck if you’re planning on going vegan this year! Don’t forget to come back to Mad Rabbits for tips if you’re struggling or contact us via twitter at @MadRabbitsUSA!

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