When you ask someone why they wont go vegan, they’ll probably tell you their favorite food. It will probably be pizza. For some reason, non vegans don’t think we eat pizza! There are quite a few options for pizza loving vegans.

Order it

Most pizza places have at least one option of vegan crust, you can either order your pizza with no cheese (which is actually pretty good!) or add your own vegan cheese like daiya, earth balance, follow your heart etc. when you get home and pop it back in the oven for it to melt! Here is some information about the sauces and crusts and how you can make them vegan at some popular pizza places. Comment if you have some more to add!

Pizza Hut-


  • Regular
  • Sweet


  • Thin N’ Crispy
  • Hand Tossed

Dominos (Who have outright refused to include vegan options. Sorry, i’m bitter.)-


  • Regular


  • Thin crust

Dipping sauces

  • Garlic sauce
  • Buffalo sauce
  • Hot buffalo sauce
  • Italian

Little Ceasars


  • Regular sauce


  • Regular crust

Dipping sauce

  • “Crazy sauce”


  • “Crazy bread” w/o Parmesan cheese

Buy it frozen

Vegan pizza is actually becoming a lot more common.


I’ve only tried their margherita, but I don’t think I’ve ever tasted a bad vegan pizza. My favorite all vegan pizza place (Vegan Korner in Colton, CA) uses daiya and it’s delicious. You should see if you have any good actual vegan pizza places in your area! I’ve also heard this ones pretty good as well:


Amys makes a couple of vegan pizzas as well, most of them without cheese:




I’m sure there are also many more I haven’t seen!

Make it

Here’s the funnest way to have pizza, making it yourself!


(photo from minimalist baker)

Check out Kind worlds 30 vegan pizza recipes. ESPECIALLY their roasted garlic white pizza with macadamia ricotta salata and spinach


Have some peaceful meals!

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