Christmas is only 15 days away, and it’s the considered to be the most cheerful day of the year – but sadly, it’s also one of the most cruelty-full days of the year, with traditions such as eating turkey/chicken, beef and sausage, wearing woolen sweaters, and eating puddings made with dairy. 22 million turkeys lose their lives every Christmas. Thankfully, there are still many ways you can celebrate this holiday, and still stay true to your vegan lifestyle!

  1. Vegan roasts: Instead of eating the corpse of a turkey, cow or any other animal, why not try something like a nut roast? If you want something that tastes more like meat, you can try meat substitutes. There are several turkey substitutes available on the market – look in your local health food store.
  2. Pigs in blankets: This one is difficult. These traditionally festive sausages wrapped in bacon are a key part of Christmas for most people – but they can be easily recreated for vegans. Just wrap a vegan sausage (my favourite brand is Linda McCartney) in vegan bacon! You can alter the recipe slightly for a more alternative, yet still cruelty-free taste; try wrapping your vegan sausage in a slice of Tofurkey, or switching the sausage for a vegetable (such as a sprig of asparagus)!
  3. Alcohol: If you, like many other people this Christmas, plan on getting tipsy while out celebrating, you can make sure that your alcohol is vegan by checking the label for any animal products, and by not drinking anything flavoured with honey. has a great list of vegan alcoholic drinks here. Remember to drink safely – wait a while after having a drink before having another one, have a glass of water between rounds, and make sure you don’t drink and drive.
  4. Gifts: Getting gifts for people is always hard, but getting gifts for people that are cruelty free is even harder! Chocolate is a great gift – if you’re in the UK, Holland and Barrett have a great range of vegan chocolates, including mint and coffee chocolate. Another common gift is toiletries; all Lush products are cruelty-free, and from personal experience, are great fun to use (as well as smelling awesome)! If you plan on getting somebody makeup, there are many vegan makeup brands out there – all Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks are vegan, all E.L.F products are vegan, and Lush also sell makeup.
  5. Sweaters: The highlight of the Christmas season – Christmas jumpers. Check the labels on your sweater of choice to see if it contains wool. Most high-street bought sweaters are made out of acrylic, so there’s no excuse to not join in on the festive fun!

Happy (vegan) Christmas!

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