There has been an increasing popularity of veganism so I thought it would be crucial to address the misconception that being vegan automatically means we are making the Earth, ourselves, and healthier.

Now, please don’t get my words twisted; I’m in no way advocating eating meat, being vegan does reduce the risk for colon cancer, carbon footprint generated by the meat industry, and much more.


Even though eating vegan can reduce all that was stated, a diet without meat and dairy can still heavily contribute to toxic processes such as climate change, in an unnecessary way, and I firmly believe we can change this!   After all, being vegan is about doing the best we can to help animals and the Earth, right?

For starters, I know many vegans who often crave the taste and texture of meat.  As a result, they frequently eat “imitation meat” to satisfy those cravings.  Unfortunately, what we don’t always think about is how foods, like imitation meat, can be unhealthy for our bodies and the planet.

One of the most essential things to remember is that fake meat is almost always heavily processed, ridden with GMOs, contains processed soy, preservatives, and many more yucky, unnecessary ingredients.

I understand not everyone can avoid things like GMOs in fresh produce due to financial reasons, etc. However, I do believe that we should step away from unsustainable foods that are heavily processed ,such as the above example, and have very little nutritional value. They are very unnecessary ‘food items’ that can greatly contribute to carbon footprints, and risk to certain cancers.

You can read more here and here about the dangers of something such as processed and unfermented soy. it’s important to note that its in pretty much in every fake meat product, and many other foods in general.

With all of the above in mind, I hope we can all continue to make better choices for both our bodies and Planet Earth!


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