I am actually incredibly excited for this. Anatomy of a meal is going to be a worldwide shipping zine that encourages readers to rethink their food choices for the sake of their health, animals, and the planet. Any one will be able to write and draw for the zine on a first come basis, and whoever doesn’t make it in in time, don’t worry! There will be dozens of issues.

About Issue One

dog-631485_1920This issue will be about the disconnect between ‘loving’ animals and eating them. You can include how it’s hypocritical to hurt the animals on your plate while you claim to love them, how meat consumption hurts other wild animals (tigers, lemurs, birds, etc.) or really anything you want following that same idea! It’s your page! Just make sure to run your idea by us so we can make sure not everyone is doing the same thing. Also, please make sure your article is respectful and isn’t offensive to any other social justice movement. We care just as much about not hurting human- animals as we do about hurting non-human animals.

How it works

You can fill out ((THIS)) form to tell us that you want to write or draw for the zine. There are a lot of choices in how where and with who you want to showcase your writing or art

You can write/draw on

  • The title page
  • The table of contents (doodle/quote)
  • The end page
  • The very back page (doodle/quote)

You can

  • Have your own page
  • Add your writing to an artists page (we’ll pair you or you can find someone)
  • Add your art to a writers page (we’ll pair you or you can find someone)
  • Write and draw on your own page
  • Collaborate one page, etc!

Keep in mind this is a fun thing! No stress, no worries, we don’t care about how good or ‘bad’ your art is, anyone can write for AOAM and it’s going to be spectacular, informative, and extremely helpful to destroying the disconnect between animals and “food”.

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