When people think of the word vegan, they somehow never think of beans, rice, potatoes, corn, or other cheap staples. They immediately assume that if you’re vegan, you are eating very expensive and organic mock meats. On the contrary, most of the worlds cheapest staples are vegan!

Here are some examples of what you can fill your next grocery list with:

– Potatoes
– Dry pasta noodles *
– Canned/Dry beans *
– Lentils *
– Apples *
– Bananas *
– Rice *
– Frozen veggies *
– Spinach and other leafy greens
– Frozen/Canned corn

You can also add cheap canned meals like Hormels Vegetarian Chili if normal beans isn’t appetizing to you. It’s always a good idea to replace your meat with lentils! If you continue eating how you do now but replace your meat with lentils and your dairy with plant based milk alternatives- you will be spending less. Check out some of these other guides for more ways to eat vegan on a budget if you like your diet a little more varied!

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Cheap Vegan

Low cost Vegan meal plans

Veganism on $2 a day

Veganism on $3 a day

Veganism on $5 a day

Veganism on $10 a day

Veganism on $15 a week


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