Once you have decided that you would like to begin a vegan lifestyle, you may need the support of your parents or guardians to allow or help you to do this. Most parents will naturally be very concerned about many things when you tell them you want to be vegan and may oppose it. However, by following theseVegan-Symbol tips, you can hopefully convince them to let you be vegan and maybe even join you!

TIP 1: Have articles, sources and facts prepared to help you answer all their questions and justify your decisions. Watching a film or video together such as Cowspiracy, Earthlings, or 101 Reasons to Go Vegan, is an easy way to inform them of all the benefits of veganism.
Assure them that you can have the best health as a vegan and that a vegan diet is not expensive and back up your statements with facts.

TIP 2: Be calm when discussing the topic. This way you will be taken more seriously and your parents will be able to your reasons more clearly.

veggie heart-1TIP 3: Show them that you will be responsible for your diet and it will not be a burden to them.  Many parents will be stress over what you would eat and think that being a vegan is too ‘restrictive’. So, offer to do the grocery shopping, show them recipes, cook vegan meals for them and prove to them how easy, cheap, delicious and diverse a vegan diet is. If you are passionate enough about being vegan then you should be willing to make your own meals etc.

TIP 4: Be willing to compromise. If your parents are adamant about you becoming a vegan, try meeting in the middle of their wishes and yours to begin with. For example, see if they are willing to let you being vegetarian, or if you they will allow you to eat vegan meals 3 times a week; whatever you can do is better than nothing. Once your parents see that veganism isn’t hard, they will be more accepting of your new lifestyle choice.

TIP 5: Lastly if after all of the above, your meat-loving parents forbid you to being a vegan, try and eat minimal animal products as you can. Things like toast, cereals, pasta, rice, fruit and vegetables are all vegan, so start consuming more of them, and less meat and dairy; they will probably not even notice! Similarly, if you parents do not let you be vegan inside their home, when you go out, choose the vegan options! Don’t give up in trying to persuade them though, it may just take time.

Here are some links of information and videos on veganism that you can share with your parents.


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