Ever decided to randomly read about farm animals and the amazing things they can do? They’re basically like us, very intelligent and friendly. There are multiple types of farm animals and here’s a few fun facts about them;

Lets begin with cows first.  Dairy cows have been in my personal family since I was real young. I never liked the taste of dairy milk to begin with because I always saw it as hurting the cows when my aunt would milk them in front of me. Here’s some fun facts about cows; Did you know, Cows interact in socially complex ways? They develop friendships over time and sometimes hold grudges against other cows who treat them poorly. Cows can have accents too! The accent of a cows mooing depends on the region they belong to. Cows have a distinct moo if they come from certain regions of the world or even different regions of a country. Some are louder, some longer, and some are just short blasts. And lastly, cows can sleep…standing up!

Next up are pigs. Now, I have my own micro pig who I treat just like my dogs. He’s a huge snuggler but he’s the dumbest pig you’ll ever meet. However, surprisingly, most pigs are as cognitively complex as dogs, primates, and even close to chimpanzees. They have long term memory, they’re able to distinguish between other pigs, and they’re very clean– yes, clean. They relieve themselves far off from the places they eat, sleep, and do other living activities. Even piglets do this at the age of 2-3 days. Pigs also have an orgasm that lasts up to 30 minutes, phew!

Chickens are personally my favorite farm animal. Why? I really have no clue… But! Did you know, chickens have over 30 vocalizations, including different distress calls for threats approached by land and threats approached by water.Chicken families begin communicating with each other before the babies have even hatched. The mother hen talks to her eggs (often a purring sound), and the chicks begin peeping back to her from inside their unhatched eggs. Chickens make good teachers. Mother hens can show their babies what is good to eat and what is not. In tests, hens have even taught their babies to stay away from color-coded grains that are bad for them.

Last but not least, horses! I personally have owned a horse since I was four-years-old and his name is Snow White. I was four when I named him so don’t blame me! Anyway, facts about horses include;

  • Horses do not have a gall bladder
  • When a domesticated horse is released in the wild, they shed all traces of domestication rapidly
  • In the wild, a foal will suckle until they are one year old, in some conditions this can be longer
  • Stallions will fight over females but generally not over territory
  • Horses have better memories than elephants.

See, farm animals can be very interesting if you take the time to learn about them. Doing this post has actually made me more aware of how amazing the animals we have around us are! So why would we eat them, mistreat them, or think they’re any different than us? Reggie (my micro pig) and Snow White (my horse) are my best friends, and sometimes, I even think that they’re smarter than me!