Fairly recently, Buzzfeed released a video titled “Bacon Lovers Meet Baby Pigs” in which bacon enthusiasts met the source of their meals: piglets.  The video, like many other Buzzfeed videos, went viral.  Most don’t make the connection but once it’s made many begin to sympathize. Seeing a picture verses meeting the animal can affect one in two completely different ways. Once the connection is made, it sticks. What’s on your plate isn’t just part of your meal, it’s a part of a sentient being who’s life was cut too short.

In the beginning of the video the participants were told they’d be taste testing bacon but, when the time came, they were all confused yet excited when their “meals” were brought to them. Although they weren’t given what was expected, their reactions were positive as they were affectionate towards the animals. Unfortunately, these beings are seen as no more than what’s in the package. When one associates the two together, there can be mixed emotions including guilt, resentment, and compassion; all of these things happened and their goal was met. The goal is both controversial and obvious, understanding not only what but who you’re eating. One must realize the consequences of their actions and how directly they impact one another.

Many will argue that these people were guilt tripped but in reality it was a mere connection made. One feeling guilty for their past actions while being educated on the negatives of these issues isn’t a bad thing. Acknowledging the inhumane treatment of other beings can leave one sympathetic yet unaffected because the correlation between the treatment isn’t fully understood. Lives are cut too short and the time before their fate isn’t spent sweetly like it’s marketed to be. Their families are torn apart while the individuals are beaten, fattened, pierced, and more without the slightest pain killer.

Regardless of ones past, making the connection is possible. As the community continues working together and spreading the message, whether it be on the treatment of animals or the negative effects on ones health and environment, the impact will only grow larger. The correlation between animal products and harm is strong; it can no longer be ignored. These enthusiasts were a clear example than it’s possible to have a greater understanding and learn from faults.