One of the darkest and little known secrets of the egg industry. The practice of gassing, asphyxiating, and shredding newborn male chicks- alive. The number of chicks killed annually because they are are ‘useless’ to the egg industry is about 200 million annually in the U.S.A alone. This number in Germany was around 45 million, but now will hopefully be at 0 chicks killed as the method will be completely phased out by 2017 thanks to a German scientists new method of sexing chick embryos within the egg,

Germany is the first country to stop this, and hopefully their influence will convince others to follow suit, but unfortunately this isn’t the end of the fight for layer hens.


While this is a win for the chicks that would otherwise be ground alive, suffocated, or gassed and left shaking and gasping for air as they enter what I would assume to be an extremely painful death; this doesn’t very much affect the cruelty that these layer hens will continue to go to as they are manipulated into laying more eggs than is biologically safe, and then murdered when they can no longer be exploited by the industry. But nonetheless, it is a win.

What can you do?

Stop eating eggs, chicken, and while you’re at it; all other animals and byproducts! Here is more information on why you should go vegan, and how you can once you’ve decided to.

Eggs particularly are extremely bad for your health at 507 mg of cholesterol in just one cup of boiled eggs along with 2/3 the cancer promotion of cigarettes in each one. Vegan eggs are much better both in morals and in taste!

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Vegan baking egg substitutions


Tofu scrambles


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(It even scrambles like a real egg)

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