Here are some tips for having a nice, vegan, eco friendly halloween this year.

1. Make your costume & make your decorations from natural materials if you can!


Here are some ideas from

Giant Spider: Use black trash bags for a giant tarantula (stuff with garden leaves–or newspapers but be sure to recycle the newspapers and trash bags when you’re done). How to here.

Ghosts: Stuff old bed sheets with leaves or newspaper, tie with a string to form a head and hang  from trees.

Spiderwebs: Make with shredded black pantyhose or cotton balls, instead of the sythetic messy ones from the store. If you’re extra crafty, and want a dramatic look, weave a web of yarn near your entryway. Just select organic cotten or other eco-friendly yarns

Eco-friendly Halloween craft ideas
Halloween craft ideas from recycled items: To make these extra eco-friendly, choose non-toxic paints with low or no VOCs and other kid and earth friendly craft supplies.

Plastic pumpkin makeovers: If you’ve already got plastic Halloween trick-or-treat pumpkins from yesteryear, the ones the kids have outgrown, but that are too faded or cracked to donate, don’t throw them away. Those pumpkins can be given new life. Just be sure to use non-toxic eco-friendly paint and second-hand props for these ideas

2. Swap old costumes with a friend

3. Use natural, cruelty free and vegan makeup. You can even make most of it in your kitchen! I use cornstarch and food colouring for fake blood.

4. Don’t buy plastic pumpkin pails. Use a pillow case instead!

5. Use the whole pumpkin! Seeds too!

6. Need a flashlight? Use LED.

7. Soy candles instead of petroleum based.

8. If you can’t make your costume, at least don’t buy any with obviously unnatural neon colours (like bright orange)

9. Give out vegan and organic Halloween candy!



Yum Earth Organics


Equal Exchange


Surf Sweets




Pixie Sticks


Wonka Fun Dip


Hubba Bubba


Dum Dums

(Wouldn’t trust their new “bacon” flavor)





(Check the ingredients on these, some aren’t vegan for reasons like containing confectioners glaze)




Blow pop


You will notice that we don’t endorse any candy claimed to be vegan that contains palm oil. It wouldn’t make sense to promote a “Vegan” candy item that still hurts animals.

10. Check out our trick or treat vegan Halloween cards you can put in all your trick or treat-ers’ baskets (along with their vegan candy, of course) to ensure you’re saving animals and raising awareness while you have fun!

These are COMPLETELY free! A donation would be appreciated, but is in no way required.

Halloween cards FRONT pdf

Halloween cards BACK pdf

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