Veganism isn’t just a diet, it’s a mindset and way of life.  Not supporting animal cruelty goes beyond meals; boycotting circuses which use animals, zoos, and other businesses profiting from their exploitation along with cruelty free products.  Many argue that cruelty free products are impossible to find and/or expensive, this is far from true.  CF makeup, for example, is anywhere from drugstores to Sephora and other big businesses.  However, household items can be more difficult to find because the fact that things like toothpaste and cleaning supplies are tested on animals is always forgotten or pushed to the side.  Below is a guide to purchasing high-quality, cruelty free items!


Hair & Skin:



Bathroom Essentials:

Household Cleaning:

Whether you’re vegan or not, anyone can buy cruelty free!  Our choices make a difference and spreading the information about the affordability of these products makes a difference as well.  Not funding the unnecessary testing and suffering of millions is possible.  For more information click here or search here!