Make a petition, Send a letter.

Petitions can and have helped the animal rights movement. Even if the people you’re petitioning refuse to listen to you, the awareness they spread at the pace they do is crucial to our cause. You can also email or send letters to companies that are doing something to help animals, they just might listen- especially if you get enough people to do it with you!

Online activism

E-Leafleting. Spread infographs and good, hard hitting information. If you tell the right people, they’ll help you spread it. The internet is a large place! It’s very easy to get information around.


Organized events/protests


A march around a well occupied area. Works best when there’s a large group of people and leaf-letters to issue bystanders information about the march and your organization.

Pay per View

A booth with laptops, tablets or other screening devices that offers the public usually around $1 to view a short video abour factory farming or other vegan issues. Leaflets should be distributed at the end of the video.

Food sampling 

Small booths with vegan food samples to show the public being vegan doesn’t mean giving up taste. There should be around three food options. I would suggest a vegan meat, a vegan dairy or egg product, and a dessert. Like the other types of activism, this should also include literature.

Bake sales

Exactly what it sounds like! Vegan baking is the easiest because pastries and baked goods taste even better without animal products. It should be the same as the food sampling booth (besides the fact that it’s not free) and buyers or even people just coming to see what you’re doing should be offered leaflets.

Pot lucks

This is a good way of showing your friends and family or just people at school/work that opting out of cruelty doesn’t have to mean opting out of taste. Have a completely vegan potluck and have fun! I would still bring some leaflets.


Most meat eaters or even vegetarians aren’t yet 100% sure what they’re funding. This way, you can show them exactly what happens! Host a vegan screening at your school, job, or anywhere else you can! Here are some films we recommend. Literature can be handed out before or after the movie is over.


A easy but still efficient way of getting the word out. Get some literature- possibly some we suggested in our guide to free vegan resources -and hand ’em out! You can do this at the mall, your school, in front of a grocery store, anywhere! People love free stuff, if they have them- there’s a good chance they’ll read them.


Free vegan resources

Activism Groups

Application to be a CAN coordinator for Farm USA

Veg Fund (if you need money to organize the screenings, food sampling ect.)

PETA street team (age 18 and under)

PETA campus representative (college students)

PETA action team (ages 22+)

*Mad Rabbits does not necessarily endorse or agree with any of the views made by any organization above.

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