Normally it takes at most an hour to determine whether someone is interested in living a more compassionate lifestyle, but the longer I’m vegan the more short and to the point my arguments get:


There are many ways to help animals and the environment, most importantly the decision to go vegan. Going vegan can save anywhere from 198500 animals a year taking into account the animals indirectly killed because of meat consumption. Personally- going vegan also saves the equivalent of 20 pounds of co2 (greenhouse gas) a day, as well as 1,100 gallons of water, 300 sq feet of forested land, 45lbs of grain, and 1 animals life on average. This also hurts humans, specifically people of colour. Women of colour suffer mostThese facts all come from major environmental organizations and are supported by many united nations reports (pdf). There are many resources on how to go vegan. Even if you live under the poverty line, are anemic, think you will miss meat too much, have an eating disorder, can’t digest gluten, are type two diabetic, maybe even type one diabetic, or are allergic to nuts and soy. There are many resources for people who have been told they cannot be vegan. There are even physical guides that can be mailed to you free of cost on going vegan. Every nutrient we need can be found on a vegan diet and daily nutritional requirements won’t be that hard to meet. Yes you can also get Protein, Iron & B12 quite easily. Welcome to the most compassionate diet! We promise, there are many things to eat.

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