I think a lot of the reason people are wary of veganism is because when they think of vegan food they think of salad. What they don’t realize is that most of the food that they eat is already vegan or could be made vegan easily, or even that veganism is an all new eating experience with a lot of delicious new foods and recipes in store.

Next time someone says vegans eat rabbit food- you can show them these!

Accidentally Vegan food (US)

Accidentally Vegan food (UK)

Vegan snacks at 7/11

Eating out at fast food restaurants

Ordering vegan at Starbucks

Commercial meat, egg, and dairy Substitutes.

Homemade meat, egg and dairy substitutes.


(I’ll add more as I eat them or they’re suggested to me…or if they just look really good 💞)

Caramel apple cupcakes (video)

Peanut butter cookies

Churros with lime sugar & caramel sauce

Lemon poppy seed muffins

Orange pistachio cinnamon rolls

Pumpkin truffles

Tom Yum

Avacado pasta

California burger

Vegetable Chili

ALL Gardein™ Recipes (click the titles to open the picture previews)

Mac & Cheese

Pad thai spring rolls


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