Going vegan can either be a process or an overnight switch and can be difficult if you are not informed; it may not happen at all if you feel you are given false information.  Many people, doctors included, do not know enough about the lifestyle which can cause problems such as anemia or increase the severity of diseases one already has.

Here are a few things you need to understand:

  • It is possible to get all of the nutrients required
  • Veganism can do wonders for your health –including lessening the severity or curing diseases
  • Veganism can be affordable and almost always is the cheaper option
  • You can still enjoy the foods you ate before
  • Yes, one person can make a difference


I won’t get all the nutrients I need as a vegan.

Wrong.  Getting the nutrients required is extremely simple. Your food groups would be: fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts and seeds, and other essentials such as B12.  B12 is a nutrient derived from the dirt itself and is oftentimes injected into the animals to enhance their nutritional value.

A vegan diet can be healthier, but you must educate yourself so that you do not developed any deficiencies!


I have ____, I could never go vegan.

Many doctors are not informed on a vegan diet.  The lifestyle is viewed as unhealthy and the effects animal products have on our health are completely overlooked.  If you’re interested in going vegan, then it’s suggested to see a nutritionist.  Ask your doctor for a referral and mention your interest in veganism.

There are doctors who use a plant-based diet to treat certain illnesses.  Discussing options or alternatives with your doctor is a great second choice.  Diabetes, for example, is a common disease and tends to prevent people from becoming vegan.  Various other ailments are also said to be lessened through this transition.

I got sick last time I tried, we need animal products.

There are two major factors that would have caused this: a caloric deficiency and/or nutrient deficiency.  As a vegan, you will be eating more than someone who consumes animal products.  Dairy, for example, is more fatty and caloric dense.  There are a few requirements you will have to meet in order to avoid malnutrition.


Vegan/organic food is expensive.

This claim is debatable; however, in an area such as a desert, having access to basic items like fresh fruits and vegetable is slim to none.  Other areas -whether the suburbs or the city- usually have some essentials.


Examples include:

Fruits –  bananas, apples, oranges

Extras –  spices, oils

Vegetables –  (leafy) green vegetables, carrots, peppers, zucchini, eggplant

Protein –  beans, store brand tofu

Grains/starches –  oats, rice, potatoes

Here is a model on how to budget and shop smart; and here are 30+ meals that cost less than $3!


I like ____ too much, I can’t give it up.

There are countless brands that make vegan substitutes along with “veganized” recipes online, you just need all little help to find them at first!

Check out the link here for easy videos on vegan copycat recipes, including veganized restaurant recipes, here for 10 vegan meat recipes!

Brands: Gardein, Tofutti, Beyond MeatTofurkyFrys Family, Vbites, Linda McCartney, , Follow Your HeartChao

I’m only one person, it won’t make a difference.

Wrong, one person does make a difference –a huge one.  Remember that the meat and dairy industry is fueled by supply & demand.  There are over 7 million vegetarians and 4 million vegans in the U.S., we are making a difference.

Here is an article and video on the difference the vegan community is making!

How much of the earths resources have we used and how much longer can we use them?

1/3 of earths land is used for livestock alone.  Deforestation, climate change, and more are caused by animal agriculture.  We have one planet to live on, we must do what we can to save it.  We must limit and fix the damage we’ve caused.


Despite what you have heard, veganism is practical and impactful. In our day and age, it is easier and more affordable than ever to transition to a plant-based diet. With tasty meat/dairy substitutes to show for it, you are replacing cruel and toxic meal choices with clean and ethical options that are good for the animals, Earth, and human race alike.

So, take a load off of your conscious and carbon footprint to go vegan!

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