1. Go Vegan and convince others to


One Vegan saves:

1,100 gallons of water
20lbs of Co2
300sq feet of forested land
&45lbs of grain
…all in ONE DAY

That multiplied by the number of people you convince to go Vegan, multiplied by the number of days in a year- that’s pretty green. Also, when you talk about veganism- make sure youre giving a lot of attention to fish!

2. Avoid plastic


1.5 million million barrels of oil are used a year just to make reusable water bottles, I’m sure the same can be said about things like platic coffee stir sticks, plastic food packages, toys, grocery bags, ect. Stir your coffee with pasta noodles, buy water bottles that can be refilled (you don’t want that BPA anyway) get paper or fabric bags at the grocer.

3. Wrap your presents with newspaper


To save paper, you can wrap your Christmas and birthday presents with newspaper, old cloth, old maps, and other mandible recycled materials

4. Stop smoking


Chemicals the U.S tabacco industry released in 1996:

Ammonia 946,155 kg
Hydrochloric acid 407,371 kg
Methyl ethyl ketone 340,821 kg
Nicotine and nicotine salts 900,377 kg
Sulphuric acid 67,228 kg
Toluene 349,622 kg 3

Also, every 300 cigarettes is one tree destroyed

5. Eat organic


Pesticides kill bees, who pollinate 90% of our wild plants and 60% of our produce. Not to mention they’re horrible for the earth.

6. Plant a bee garden


Bees need to pollinate to make their food to survive, planting organic bee gardens promotes the gradual rise of their population.

7. Build a bee hotel


Honeybees aren’t the only kind in danger, bee hotels will ensure the safety and growth of solitary bees that don’t make honey but also don’t sting.

8. Feed tired bees


Bees sometimes get tired and land on the floor to rest, this is very unsafe for them and when they do a little pick me up of sugar and water in a small teaspoon will revive them.

9. Get active


Sign/Make petitions, contact your state officials, make change! Join an enviornmental rights group!

10. Use less paper


Have your recipts emailed instead of printed, use fabric bags instead of paper but DEFINITELY don’t use plastic if you can. Try to use only the reusable!

Plant a tree!


Trees give us oxygen and animals a home. Theyre being destroyed due to animal agriculture and big business. Planting more of them brings you more in touch with the earth, and brings more life to the planet!

12. Shower instead of bathing


Everyone likes a nice warm bath every once and a while, but it uses way more water than a shower and showering instead of bathing most or all of the time can drastically decrease your water footprin

13. Make/Grow your own


Making your own things DIY out of recycled material can not only reduce your carbon footprint but can save you a ton of money! This applies to growing your own gargen so you know exactly what your plants were treated with and how far they came (that matters because of how much pollution they caused getting to you)

14. Save electricity

Light conscious is earth conscious, electricity also uses a lot of water. Make sure to get eco-friendly light bulbs as well! Try to use less of electricity in general, and try to make it solar!

15. Never use chemicals


From bleach and soap, to hair spray and febreeze- harsh chemicals are murdering the climate. You can use Dr. Bonners as an all purpose cleaner and/or you can make all your cleaners at home.

16. Buy only reusable stuff


There are many things we could replace our disposables with that would make our lifestyle more eco friendly! Eco-friendly period products, diapers, everything! All it takes is a quick search to find how you can make a more earth conscious purchase. This way you’ll make less trash!

17. Plant!


Besides bee gardens, planting more around your house not only makes it look nice, but provides home for wildlife and promotes a greener earth!

18. Recycle

If you do create garbage, make sure to recycle it so instead of ending up in a landfill- it can be used again and result in less waste produced!

19. Bike


Although not as much as meat consumption, transportation creates an incredible amount of waste. So take a bike! If you can’t do that- take a bus, carpool, take a plane, make sure to look into eco-friendly transportation!

19. Be informed

Read up on the facts and watch movies like cowspiracy to learn more about how you can help the earth!

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