The general term for someone with a phobia of bugs is entomophobia. A great majority of western civilization has it and spends millions if not billions of dollars trying to eradicate what they see as pests with inhumane traps and hazardous bug spray.



When it comes down to it though, the meaning of veganism is to protect all animals from harm, and bugs aren’t in the plantae, fungi, protista, eubacteria, or archaebacteria scientific kingdoms. Scientifically, bugs are animals.

Knowing this, the killing of any animals under circumstances other than dire can’t really be justified- but that doesn’t mean you have to let the little guys just run around all over your house.

Keep in mind, if you don’t want to use the cup method (putting a cup over the bug, slipping a paper under the cup, holding the paper undet the cup with your hand as you take the creature outside) there are devices you can buy that will safely and humanely suck up bugs you want to remove without hurting, and they’re not electric so they’re eco-friendly as well!

PETA has one of their own too for a few dollars cheaper than the other ones.

Deterring bugs and other “pests”

Natural alternatives to pesticides in your garden

Removing existing bugs and other “pests”


Existing: Lightly touch to cotton balls and gently place in bag to take outside

Prevention: they won’t cross over lines of talc, baby powder, or tartar. They don’t like the smell of cinnamon, coffee, paprika, garlic cloves or dried peppermint.


Existing: Cup method

Prevention: Keep your porch lights off at night to prevent bugs from seeking your home as a safe place. Eucalyptus sprigs might keep them away outside. They don’t like lavender, citronella, cinnamon, citrus, peppermint or tea tree oil.


Existing: Cup method, you can also just catch them in your hands as they’re completely harmless.

Prevention: They don’t like lavender or bits of cedar.


Existing: Cup Method

Prevention: Lavender eucalyptus oil, lavender, cinnamon oil, thyme oil, Greek catnip oil, soybean oil

Let us know if you have any other humane repellents or need help with any other bugs!

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  1. What about wasps? We have them bad at work and I’m constantly using the cup method but they tend to come back in… would love to know some prevention tips


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