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Shopping for cruelty free makeup and bath products is easier than most people think and there are LOADS of brands out there that are cruelty free with many vegan options! A few you can even find at your local drugstore. A lot of brands that are cruelty free are owned by companies that are not, most notably are NYX, Tarte, Urban Decay and Burt’s Bees.

This is an extensive list of cruelty free brands.

Here is a list of brands that are leaping bunny certified.

Here is a list of animal ingredients found in cosmetics that you should look out for.

This is a short list of brands that were newly confirmed cruelty free.

Sephora and Ulta both carry lots of cruelty free brands! Here’s a list of cruelty free Sephora brands It should be noted that smashbox, tarte, and urban decay are all owned by companies that test and that Sephoras own brand of cosmetics IS tested on animals Ulta brands that are cruelty free

Heres’ a link to order a free pocket shopping guide that lists most, if not all, of the brands that were mentioned in the above lists.

This is an iPhone app that lists loads of cruelty free brands, and here is an android version. Bunny Free is an app that was created by PETA that will scan the barcode of an item and tell you if the product is cruelty free or not.

A great place to look for inexpensive vegan makeup is Etsy, there’s a lot of great cruelty free and vegan shops on there offering natural or mostly natural cosmetics.

A few of my favorite cruelty free brands are Colourpop, E.L.F., Wet N Wild, Too Faced, and OCC, all of which are either completely vegan or they have a huge range of vegan products!

Happy saving bunnies♥


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