The harsh reality of Sea World and zoos across the world have been brought into a recent light over the past few years. Although animal rights activists have been boycotting them for decades in hopes of unavailing the truth, it’s not until recently more and more news coverage has sparked the realization in so many peoples minds.  The truth of the matter is, this is animal cruelty.  Not only are they forced to dress up and perform for our entertainment but, they’re chained up and tortured.  A few years ago there was major news coverage on the “alleged claims of elephant abuse” of  the RingLing Bros. circus, they unfortunately won $9.3 million dollars in settlement.

Here’s the ASPCA’s stance on circuses.

The cruelty of circuses seems to be pushed aside and I think I’ve finally come to the conclusion of why.  Compassion, its what is claimed by the performers and workers; part of the reason why is that these organizations, more often or not, are family oriented.  When they claim to love them, I wont deny that some members might, the idea that they could ever hurt them is brushed off.

Websites such as and have aided in the fight to stop the expliotation of these animals.

Search: “circus” on these websites for petitions in hopes of helping these animals across the world!

Cruelty should no longer be seen as the norm regardless of the species.  It’s gone on for centuries and we need to continue to speak up.

There are hopes that the chains, cages, ropes, etc used to confine these animals will soon be opened.  Many organizations such as: and (a farm animal sanctuary) are rehabilitating them in hopes of bringing awareness to their past.  We have the ability to make a change.

Boycott circuses, aquariums, and zoos, buy cruelty free products, and if you can, donate and raise money for their safer homes.

A list of organizations and sanctuaries:

How to find rehabilitation for animals:

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