Of all the environmental issues I have been rallying for for years, this may be the most mortifying- only matched with the almost irreparable issue of deforestation:

Ocean Dead Zones.

The Problem

Here are the facts brought to you by losing nemo:

“90% of all large fish have disappeared since 1950s”

The amount of large predatory fish in the world’s ocean is today only about 10% of what the population levels were before large scale industrial fishing techniques were introduced in the 1950s. Check the source

This is a news item image“40% of sea life caught is discarded as waste”

It is estimated that 38.5 million tonnes of sea life that is caught annually, also known as ‘bycatch’, is discarded as waste, representing approximately 40 percent of the estimated global annual catch. Check the source

This is a news item image“The oceans will be empty by 2048″

Loss of ocean biodiversity is accelerating, with 29 percent of seafood species humans consume already crashed. If overfishing continues, in 3 decades there will be little or no seafood available as fish populations are under increased threat. Check the source

This is a news item image“$25 billion of subsidies for industry annually”

Analysis by fisheries researchers at the University of British Columbia Fisheries Centre suggests that global fisheries subsidies in 2003 ranged between US $25-$29 billion. Check the source

This is a news item image“Up to 2 trillion sea animals killed annually”

Nearly 70% of the fish caught globally tonnage has a corresponding estimated mean weight (EMW), including single and multi-species categories. Analysing this data estimates a total of 0.97-2.74 trillion individual animals caught annually. Check the source

This is a news item image“Idea of sustainable fishing is under pressure”

Seafood stewardship in crisis. The main consumer-targeted certification scheme for sustainable fisheries is failing to protect the environment and needs radical reform, say a number of prominent fisheries scientists and researchers. Check the source

The Solution

Stop eating fish. Tell everyone you know to stop eating fish. There are many vegan fish products you can purchase that will not fund ocean dead zones and most probably a full on environmental collapse. Even if eating fish wasn’t going to empty the ocean, fishing nets kill 1,000 marine mammals a day. Fishing on the beach draws sharks to shore that could hurt humans and fish, actually isn’t all that good for you.

So please, go vegan. Go fish free, tell your friends and family to follow suit. Save our marine life.

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