I know, it’s a bit lackluster, but hear me out. It is a great alternative to chicken and tuna salad, though it is definitely it’s own taste. You can make it in so many ways, but I will share two ways with you today; the easy way, and the college-student-rushing-to-class way. They are both outlined in the same list below, as the only difference between them are the substitutions.

Here are the ingredients (makes aprox.  4 sandwiches):
-1 can of chickpeas, drained
-about 1/4 cup vegan mayo, give or take
-desired amount of celery, chopped (can sub for celery salt, to taste)
-desired amount of onion, chopped (can sub for onion powder, to taste)
-ground black pepper, to taste

Okay, time for the work!
1. Cut up the chickpeas to desired size; For this the best thing is a quick pulse in the blender, but you can also use a handheld chopper, or even a knife. Once the desired thickness is reached, put the chickpeas into large soup bowl, or a mixing bowl.
2. Add the mayo first, stirring it in to coat all of the peas. You can add more or less, depending on your personal preference. It’s all up to you!
3. Add your veggies and/or seasonings. At this point, you can doctor it up however you want. Go wild, then mix it all up!
4. Pile as much of the stuff as you want on your favorite bread, and dig in!

It is a very simple recipe, but that’s what I do. Simple vegan recipes that anyone can make, and that appeal to all ages and diets.  I will be back for sure with more vegan recipes, but for now, have a wonderful day!