Where Would We Be Without The Bees?

 Bees are one of the most important insects; they must be protected. We must find a way to save them, and ultimately, save ourselves.

Bees are fuzzy little insects that are one of the biggest contributors to pollination in the world; however, 23.2 percent of honeybee colonies have died over the last winter, causing extreme concern for the future of agriculture. In addition, over the past year, multiple types of bees have been added to the endangered list.

“If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would have only four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.” Maurice Maeterlinck said in his book, The Life of the Bee.

Bees and other pollinators account for the production of one-third of the world’s crops, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.

Concern arose in 2003 after many beekeepers reported missing colonies of bees. This mysterious disappearance of Honeybees became known as Colony Collapse Disorder, and its cause stumped scientists for years.

A Harvard study suggested that the onset of the bees’ extinction was triggered by the use of plant pesticides like Neonicotinoids and Sulfoxaflor.

Sulfoxaflor is a systemic pesticide, meaning it makes the whole plant poisonous. Once the plant absorbs the pesticide, its nectar and pollen become toxic to bees.

Sulfoxaflor was approved in 2013 by the US Environmental Protection Agency, but was challenged in a federal appeal court after increased concern for the dying bees surfaced.

After studies showed its harmful and often deadly effect, the court overturned its approval of Sulfoxaflor in September of 2015.

The court’s decision was significant because it effectively repealed a deadly pesticide to bees.

Helping bees can be an easy thing if everyone contributes to the effort. There are plants like Catmint, Chives, Wild Lilac, and Indigo that one can plant that help create new habitats for bees.  For more information on how you can help ease this, visit this separate article.

It is important to be familiar with our need for bees. They are not our enemy, but more of a tiny friend.



Vegan Tattoos

In a society built on monetizing the suffering of animals- a lot of things you would expect to be vegan, are not. Unfortunately this includes some tattoo inks! The black ink is mostly the problem, since most types contain bone char. Other problems are gelatin and glycerin, and some other colored dies also contain shellac and pigment from beetles. Lucky for those of us who have/or would like to have tattoos in the future; a lot of tattoo shops already use vegan inks or you can request them to be used.

Some vegan friendly tattoo inks include: 

  • Eternal
  • Starbrite
  • Skin candy
  • Stable color
  • Fusion ink
  • Kuro Sumi
  • Dynamic
  • Intenze

(I myself have my tattoos in Eternal ink)

There are a few other problems you may run across which the bite sized vegan has went over in detail here, but this is meant to be a quick outline so I will list some alternatives to all of it down below as well!

Skin lubricant (Usually petroleum jelly or vaseline, which is iffy)

  • Hustle butter
  • Shea butter
  • Jojoba butter
  • Olive oil

Soap (To clean the area)

Dr. Bonners and Myers come to mind! We have a whole article on vegan soaps here.

Razor (Glycerin (moisturizing) strip isn’t vegan)

  • Preserve brand razors are vegan friendly

Transfer paper 

  • Stencil stuff
  • Reprofx


  • After ink
  • Black cat
  • Lush dream cream
  • Tattoo tonic

And there are a LOT more! Emily posted a whole list of vegan inks, lubricants, soaps, aftercare items, AND vegan tattoo shops! So check that out and check out these cool vegan tattoos, send us in yours if you want to be put in the article! Special thanks to Jona Weinhofen for letting me put him in here 🙂

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Carbs especially complex carbs aren’t bad for you, no. But there are some people who still can’t really ingest them or choose to avoid or limit them for a variety of reasons that range from health reasons to weight loss. 
When you think of a low carb diet, you probably think of Atkins. As you can see from a list of some of the acceptable foods it is a diet very high in meat and other animal products. Because of this, going vegan or vegetarian on this diet will be pretty challenging- but it can be done!

The diet is called Eco-Atkins. There have been case studies on it that have shown that it’s entirely possible to thrive on the Atkins diet as a vegan, though there will be added difficulty if you are allergic to nuts and soy, as these will be significant sources of your protein along with beans and legumes.

On Eco Atkins, 31% of your calories will come from protein, 43% from fat and a low 26% from carbs compared to a mere 10% on the regular Atkins.  You’ll probably want to keep track of something like that on CRON-O-METER or a similar service to make sure.

Proteins- Nuts, beans, couscous, barely, soy, high protein vegetables ect.

Healthy fats- Omega 3 fatty acids, vegetable oils, avocados, nut butters, seeds, olives.
Carbs- Whole grains, fruits, veggies, oats.

But no starchy veggies!

This is what a day of Eco-Atkins looks like from the Archive of Internal Medicines 2009 study of the diet:

Breakfast: Oat bran with unsweetened soy milk and nut bread / Tofu scramble (sunflower oil, extra firm tofu, sweet red peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, hazelnuts)

Lunch: Yves veggie chicken burger, nut bread, tofu salad

Dinner: Pearled barley / Stir-fry (Tofu, mushroom, eggplant, onions, sweet red pepper, broccoli, onions, cauliflower, oil)

Snacks: Orange, cashews, strawberries, almonds, peaches

And if you’re really serious about sticking to the Atkins plan, as a vegan it’s been recommend you start at phase 2
Have any questions or feedback about the diet? Contact us and tell us how it goes!

Cheap Vegan Makeup

This is for all the vegans who still enjoy wearing makeup, but don’t want to spend loads of money on high end products!


  • All of their makeup is vegan
  • However, some of their brushes are not vegan.



  • Not all of their products are vegan, but they have a list of their non-vegan products here.


BH Cosmetics

  • Again, not all of their products are vegan. You can browse through all of their vegan products here.


Wet n Wild

  • Most of their products are vegan. Here is a list of their vegan products.


Eco Tools

  • 100% vegan makeup brushes, and cheap too!


Ardell Lashes

  • 100% vegan drug store false lashes



  • There’s a large range of vegan products available that you can find here.



  • They now have a new website including a list of their vegan products! Check them out here.



  • They have some vegan-friendly products which are listed here.



  • A more natural brand with a list of their vegan products here.


As always, double check the ingredients in the products you’re buying to ensure that it is 100% vegan. Sometimes, what a company classifies as vegan may no actually be vegan. Now, have fun with makeup without the expense or the cruelty!


Vegan Pizza

Cheese is typically the hardest thing to give up when going vegan, and pizza is an iconic dish that incorporates cheese. So, here are many ways to enjoy eating pizza while vegan! You’ll definitely fall in love with pizza all over again.

Papa Johns:

  • The sauce & dough are already vegan, so just omit the cheese!
  • They have a wide variety of veggie toppings to include on your pizza
  • Their garlic, BBQ, and buffalo dipping sauce are completely vegan. You can even ask for BBQ sauce on your pizza.


  • The original sauce is vegan, but only the THIN crust is vegan.
  • Of course, they have loads of veggie toppings
  • Add some extra flavor with these vegan dipping sauces: Garlic Dipping Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Kicker Hot Sauce, and Sweet Mango Habanero Sauce

Little Caesars:

  • The original sauce and original crust are both vegan
  • Lots of veggie toppings, as always!
  • You can even place a special order of the Crazy Bread without Parmesan cheese, and don’t forget the Crazy Sauce!

Pizza Hut:

  • The regular or sweet sauce
  • The Thin’N’Crispy and Hand-Tossed crust are vegan
  • Veggies!!
  • The dessert pizza crust is also vegan

And, if you’re feeling a bit fancy, you can always add on your own vegan cheese and pop your pizza’s back in the oven until it melts.


Mellow Mushroom:

Mellow Mushroom has Daiya vegan cheese. This restaurant is a personal favorite of mine. My order is: regular crust, olive oil and garlic sauce, Daiya cheese with mushrooms, spinach and fresh avocado on top in case any of you want ideas! Their full vegan menu can be found here.

California Pizza Kitchen:

Although, they do not have Daiya cheese, their pizza is still good and very tasty when you load up on veggies. Their full vegan menu can be found here.

For a more detailed list of restaurants that may be near you, click here.



  • Daiya is an all vegan brand that specializes in cheese. They have a variety of different frozen vegan pizzas.


  • Amy’s also has a variety of vegan pizza options. However, not all of their pizzas are vegan.
  • Vegan frozen pizzas: Non-dairy cheese pizza (rice crust), Roasted Vegetable Pizza (no cheese), Vegan Margherita Pizza (with Daiya cheese), Spinach Pizza (rice crust).
  • Amy’s also specifies whether an ingredient is vegan or not within the ingredients.


  • Tofutti’s Pan Crust Pizza Pizzaz is vegan.


  • Tofurky’s frozen vegan pizza’s are: Vegan Cheese Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza, Italian Sausage Pizza

Whole Foods:

  • Roasted Vegetable Pizza (with rice crust or whole wheat crust)


You can, of course, make your own dough and buy some vegan cheese if you want to go the homemade route. All you have to do is google ‘vegan pizza crusts’ and thousands of results will pop up! Enjoy your cruelty-free pizza 🙂




Banana and Chia Seed Pancakes

1 1/2 C (192g) Plain Flour

1 1/2 C (375mL) Rice Milk

3T (50g) Brown Sugar

1 Banana

2T (30g) Chia Seeds

1t (5mL) Vanilla Extract

Vegetable Oil (To grease pan)



  1. Pre-Heat frying pan on low heat

2. Mash banana

3. Mix all dry ingredients together

4. Add remaining inredients and mix with hand held eletric beater

5. Grease pan with oil

6. Pour some of the mix in and cook like a regular pancake remembering to re-grease the pan every couple of pancakes



Makes: 6-8


Serves: 2


Cruelty Free Vegan Cleaning Supplies

Everyone knows you have to eat vegan, buy vegan makeup, wear vegan clothes – but a topic most commonly skipped is the issue of animal tested and non vegan household cleaners such as dishsoap, detergent, and general cleaners! Not only are they bad for animals, but they’re bad for you as well as they contain harmful chemicals that we’d be better off avoiding. The homemade ones are even cheaper, if you need any more convincing.
I’ll split this post into two parts; store bought and homemade, and I’ll post more stuff as I find it!

Store bought (These are all to purchase in store, I’ll put up a post for online vegan shopping soon)

U.S / CAN:

– Dr Bronners

Vegan, fair trade, 18 n 1 household cleaner. They even make toothpaste!

Find a retailer here!

– Seventh Generation

The most vast company of vegan and cruelty free home goods, and it’s eco friendly and mostly recycled! Their products even range past just cleaning supplies- they also make organic tampons, pads, toilet paper, baby diapers and more. 

Find a retailer here!

– Sun and Earth

Non toxic, cruelty free, vegan! Very varied as well.

– Bio-Pac

Bio degradable cleaning supplies, never animal tested + always vegan and they donate some of their proceeds to wildlife causes.
– Citri Solv

– Planet 

Also 100% biodegradable

– Mr Meyers

All vegan, all smell really good! Also available in South America.

– Country save

Also phalate free!

– Sound Earth

– Allen’s Naturally

Also biodegradable, everything seems to be vegan besides their wool dryer balls.

List of retailers
– Method


– Nature clean

Available in Canada, New Zealand, and Russia + online stores.

– Charlie’s soap

Available in the U.K, Japan, Australia, South Korea, the Philippines and Canada. Made of vegetable oil and minerals.

– Eco Maxx

Canadian based

– Orange Power

Australia based

– Planet clean

U.K based, vegan society accredited

– Bio D

GMO free! U.k & Ireland based
– Clean conscience

– Earth wise

Based in New Zealand


Homemade ( You may need a few mason jars ) + A lot of these recipes call for baking soda, which usually is tested on animals. Bob’s red Mill & Ener G baking soda are both cruelty free.

* Warning: Do not mix store bought cleaners with any of these. You will create toxic and poisonous fumes that can hurt you or any pets in your household.

– Lemon juice + vegetable oil should get scratches out of wood.

– Lemons are also good for killing mold!

– Boil and scrub burnt pans with baking soda

Sprinkle wet bathtubs with baking soda and let sit for about 15-20 minutes 

– Absorb fresh grease spots using salt.

– Vinegar + Salt / Baking soda + Vinegar are good deodorizers and surface cleaners. You can also squeeze lemon juice onto a small pan of baking soda.

– 1/2 vinegar + 2 tbsp borax + a few drops essentially oil is another good cleaner. You can put it in a spray bottle.

– Laundry brighter: add a little lemon to your rinse cycle.

– You may be able to get spots and stains out of fabric and carpet with hydrogen peroxide. Spot test it first!

– Put salt on a wet sponge to get the grime off and out of your oven. If that doesn’t work, try wetting it with vinegar and sprinkling baking soda on top before wiping it all off.

– 1/4th cup olive oil + 1/4th cup water + lemon juice on a towel makes for a furniture polish.

– Put citrus (I.e orange / lemon) peels in your garbage disposal to deodorize your kitchen. Boiling vinegar or putting small saucers full of it around the house will do the trick as well. Unless, like me, you hate the smell of vinegar. (If you do go with the saucers of vinegar, make sure to keep them away from your companion animals. It may upset their stomachs.)

– You can also use citrus peels to make a concentrated cleaner by filling a jar with peels and white vinegar. Leave it in your fridge for two weeks and then strain it into another container, discarding the peels.

– Vinegar + baking soda also make good drain and toilet cleaners.

– You can use vinegar + water on a towel to clean windows.

– A better smelling window / glass cleaner would be using 1/2 cup white vinegar, 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol and a few drops of essential oils.


Let me know if I left any of your favorite vegan friendly household cleaners out, and keep an eye out for our article on vegan friendly hygiene products!