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How to Go Vegan

It’s not as hard as people tell you Step One: Reasoning Have a reason to go vegan, a strong one! If you don’t and it’s on a whim or out […]

Animal Rights 2

For Animals

The bottom line is that animals don’t want to die. Animals are the most abused and disregarded beings on this planet. Every second that goes by- 2,000 more animals are […]

Enviornment 3

The Earth

Since as long as I can remember, I was taught that transportation, littering and smoking were the top killers of our planet, I was never told to look at my […]

Health 2

Your Health

When you think of health, you’re most certainly going to think of an apple- and not a quarter pounder. This is because society subconsciously knows meat isn’t good for you, […]

Animal Rights 0

Fish Sucks Too

Many people consider fish (or JUST consuming fish) a good choice from an ethical, health and environmental standpoint. They believe fish are healthy to eat, don’t feel pain or complex […]

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Vegan Tattoos

In a society built on monetizing the suffering of animals- a lot of things you would expect to be vegan, are not. Unfortunately this includes some tattoo inks! The black […]

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Vegan Pizza

Cheese is typically the hardest thing to give up when going vegan, and pizza is an iconic dish that incorporates cheese. So, here are many ways to enjoy eating pizza […]